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Pouring Candle Wax


Pretty Girl Magick is a woman-owned and ran candle company. Our desire is to empower all those looking to tap into their magical abilities. We want to bring light to magical practices that tend to be cast into darkness. We only make candles with positive intentions to build up the witch casting their intention. 

We handmake all of our manifestation candles. This allows us to ensure that the proper intention is infused into the candle every step of the way, using only the best ingredients.


We start by slow-melting 100% cosmetic-grade beeswax. The colors and essential oils are hand-stirred in with a steel magick wand. The candles are then finished off with the addition of herbs that are in energetic alignment with the overall intention of the candle. Almost all the herbs we use have been explicitly cultivated for magical ceremonies.


Intention candles are designed to help bring alignment and energy to your desires. Our candles are equipped to assist you in your magical journey and explore new possibilities. They are small and mighty. Our low-flame, slow-burn beeswax candles are designed to burn over multiple days and can be combined to generate larger spells.

We make no claims or promises on the outcome of the use of our candles. Magick, manifestations and intention spells vary in results from person to person and situation to situation. Depending on the magnitude of your intention, the effects may not be seen right away.  Pyromancy, Capnomancy, and Ceromancy are all excellent indicators of how your spell is performing.

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